14 Short Street Edwardsville PA 18704

Vendors:   Marilyn Mazeika @ 570-287-1597 or  mmazeika62970@live.com

Entertainment:  Ken Weiss  psk91@aol.com

You or your business can be a Sponsor for the event or donate to our basket raffle:   Stacey Casey @ 570-881-9150 or scaseyehc@yahoo.com

 Apparel / Event T-shirt: Lisa Campbell campcoffee62@aol.com

 Parade: Jackie Moran: edwpierogi@gmail.com




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Event marketing & coordination: Jackie Moran  javckiem@aol.com

 Cookoff:  Debbie Rodgers @ 570-288-9301 or darkrodgers@gmail.com